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i really loved this game, when will it be updated ??

< where is devloper?

I'm sorry for having left you with no reply. We have our focus on another project but I already have a new version that will be uploaded in the next few days.

i cant wait that is great news!

please update!!!

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Wow! I like the graphics - the effects look cool, the monsters are really scary, the music is great, sounds are good too, everything works great. It is not easy to remeber which key to press - not very convenient to switch between "Ctrl" to "B" in one line. 

 One more thing - is it a bug? I seem to have lost the lives and it says "Try again" I still can press all the shooting buttons and move but the "Try it again" faded screen is above the game. I try to press "Space" and  "Enter", how to restart or continue, please?


I'll take a look at that but you are not the first to report it. So, it's probably a bug.