Localization and Post Proccessing


We now have localization with Portuguese (Brazilian) version of the game besides the English already in place.

Post Proccessing

Furthermore, we updated to Unity 5.6.1 and implemented the new Post Proccessing asset to give a boost in the game aesthetics. The current available game is not exactly as shown in the print, as I uploaded everything before pulling Caio's changes (my bad). However, we are adding a few puzzle mechanics and reviewing the starting levels as well as dialogues in the near future and a new version will be out soon.

I hope you enjoy the changes!

Please, send us your feedback to make this a better game.


im-souls-guides-universal-beta.zip (80 MB)
Version 0.9.0 127 days ago
im-souls-guides-windows-beta.zip (55 MB)
Version 0.9.0 127 days ago

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