Name change and few changes in game mechanics

Name Change

First of all, we would like to explain the reason behind the name change.

As we launched the game as My Other Selves we began talking with Umbanda's practitioners, in special Janaína Azevedo that is our specialist on this topic and we realized that the priests and priestesses in the practice of incorporate spirits are often accused of having multiple personality disorder or other kinds of psychological issue. Regarding this persecution we realized that the name we were using could be interpreted as if we were reinforcing these statement. So, as to avoid any problem with the people we are trying to talk about and also as we decided that this will be the first of a series of games regarding different believes, we decided to change it to Inner Mazes: Souls Guides.


First Levels

We added a few kinds of blocks to be pushed by specific characters, the most important of them being the wooden block designed for Lucas. So that there are more uses for the medium besides walking on the physical ground with no energy loss in the beginning.


We also added the ghost that blocks your path, so you have to synchronize with his motion in order to pass him by.

Visual Effects Improvement

There were changes in visual effects as well. We upgraded our Unity version in order to access the new post processing tools and have a performance boost and better effects.


There were also an improvement in the way the game deals with the savegame as well as a pipeline that should prevent total data loss on future updates.


We made a few changes in the game so that you can play it completely by the keyboard. The tutorial messages aren't adapting to your chosen input yet, but you can do everything on the joystick only. We tested it on Xbox controller and we'd love to have feedbacks on using other kinds of controllers.

I hope you enjoy the new updates.

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